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What are we about?

At the Shared History Program, we are about finding a medium to connect the public to history with a balance between current technology and traditional modes of historical research. We produce an environment of educational and observational value. An important factor in achieving this is showcasing our discoveries and findings in a way that captivates the public, providing something all can enjoy.

In the past, we have created physical and virtual exhibits. SHP commemorated the 50th anniversary of the JFK’s death with Memory of a Tragedy: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy. In Class In Uniform: Veterans Project examined the connections between student and military life. Not only did these exhibits show creativity in presentation, but they also provided students with opportunities to do hands-on work, interviews, and historical research. Those involved were able to put together a public representation of what we do here in the Shared History Program, bringing a unique perspective of history to the public while connecting with the UNR, Reno, and Northern Nevadan communities.

Our next project is already underway, focusing on creative perspectives of history while working with the Tahoe Maritime Museum. SHP will explore the impact and connections between recreational activities and Northern Nevada. Stay tuned to find out more about this project!

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