August 27, 2014

During the Spring semester of 2014, sixteen students from the History 311 class in Public History, sponsored by the Shared History Program and assisted by Christine Johnson at the Nevada Historical Society, built the physical exhibit In Class In Uniform in the history lab located at room 109 in the Mack Social Sciences building.  Containing quotes, photographs, and artifacts, In Class In Uniform is part of a larger project exploring the military and educational experiences of veterans and ROTC students through student-conducted oral history interviews.  The exhibit examines the military and university institutions as complex subcultures as it focuses on the experiences of sixteen participants in these two worlds.  The exhibit focuses on participant’s motivations and passions for joining the military and pursuing a higher education, the experiences they had within both institutions, and their personal achievements, awards, and honors in service and in education as they further their careers. Continue reading ‘August 27, 2014’ »